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Directed by Zak Watson

Cinematography by Zak Watson

Editing by Zak Watson

Written and performed by pecq. Synth and vocals - Jakes. Drums - Nikò. Guitar and vocals - Chris Barker. Bass - Ruth Goller. Backing vocals - Lauren Spiceley. Directed and filmed by Zak Watson. Recorded and mixed by Upcycled Sounds. Assistant engineer - Joel Borkin. Hair - Sylvain Gagliardi, artist hair painter at Anne Veck Oxford and hair educator for Davines Education.

Stranger Cut 1.00_02_24_22.Still012.jpg
Stranger Cut 1.00_01_43_07.Still008.jpg
Stranger Cut 1.00_02_42_10.Still015.jpg
Stranger Cut 1.00_00_58_03.Still020.jpg
Stranger Cut 1.00_02_15_08.Still011.jpg
Stranger Cut 1.00_02_44_22.Still016.jpg
Stranger Cut 1.00_01_42_04.Still007.jpg
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